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ALSB/OSB customization using WLST

One of the primary tasks in release management is environment promotion. From development to test or from test to production, environment promotion is a step which should be as much automated as possible.

We can use the service bus MBeans in WLST scripts to automate promotion of AquaLogic/Oracle Service Bus configurations from development environments through testing, staging, and finally to production environments.

Each environment has particularities which may need changes in configuration of the software. These are usually centralized in property files, database tables, environment variables or any other place to facilitate environment promotion.

In AquaLogic/Oracle Service Bus there is the concept of environment values:

Environment values are certain predefined fields in the configuration data whose values are very likely to change when you move your configuration from one domain to another (for example, from test to production). Environment values represent entities such as URLs, URIs, file and directory names, server names, e-mails, and such. Also, environment values can be found in alert destinations, proxy services, business services, SMTP Server and JNDI Provider resources, and UDDI Registry entries.

For these environment values, we have different standard operations

  • Finding and Replacing Environment Values
  • Creating Customization Files
  • Executing Customization Files

However, these operations are limited to the ‘predefined fields whose values are very likely to change’… and what happens if we need to modify one of the considered ‘not very likely’? A different story is whether to consider SAP client connection parameters ‘not very likely’ to change in a environment promotion from test to production…

In order to automate these necessary changes, one option is to modify directly the exported configuration prior to importing it to the destination environment but in our case, we want to maintain the philosophy of the customization after the importing, keeping the exported package untouched. We will try to use a WLST script instead of a customization file, as the later doesn’t satisfy our needs.

The first thing we have to do for using WLST is to add several service bus jar files to the WLST classpath. For example, if we have a Windows platform we add the following at the beginning of wlst.cmd file (I’m sure *nix people will know how to proceed in their case)

For Aqualogic Service Bus 3.0:

SET ALSB_HOME=c:\bea\alsb_3.0
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-api.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-common.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-resources.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-impl.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\..\modules\com.bea.common.configfwk_1.1.0.0.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\..\modules\com.bea.alsb.statistics_1.0.0.0.jar

For Oracle Service Bus 10gR3:

SET ALSB_HOME=c:\bea\osb_10.3
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-api.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-common.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-resources.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\lib\sb-kernel-impl.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\..\modules\com.bea.common.configfwk_1.2.1.0.jar
SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ALSB_HOME%\..\modules\com.bea.alsb.statistics_1.0.1.0.jar

In our example, we will try to change the HTTP timeout in the normalLoanProcessor business service present in ALSB/OSB examples server.


normalLoanProcessor configuration

For that, we will first connect to the bus from WLST and open a session using SessionManagementMBean

from import SessionManagementMBean
connect("weblogic", "weblogic", "t3://localhost:7021")
sessionMBean = findService(SessionManagementMBean.NAME, SessionManagementMBean.TYPE)
sessionName = "mysession"

mysession shown in sbconsole

Nothing new until now. Next thing we need is a reference to the component you want to modify. We chose to use a BusinessServiceQuery like:

from import BusinessServiceQuery
from import ALSBConfigurationMBean
bsQuery = BusinessServiceQuery()
alsbSession = findService(ALSBConfigurationMBean.NAME + "." + sessionName, ALSBConfigurationMBean.TYPE)
refs = alsbSession.getRefs(bsQuery)
bsRef = refs.iterator().next()

After this we have a reference to the business service we want to modify. Now is when fun begins.

There is an undocumented service bus ServiceConfigurationMBean (not to be confused with old whose description is ‘MBean for configuring Services’.

ServiceConfiguration.mysession as shown in jconsole

Among the different methods, we find one with an interesting name: getServiceDefinition

getServiceDefinition as shown in jconsole

It looks that we can use the getServiceDefinition method with our previous reference to the business service for obtaining exactly what its name states.

from import ServiceConfigurationMBean
servConfMBean = findService(ServiceConfigurationMBean.NAME + "." + sessionName, ServiceConfigurationMBean.TYPE)
serviceDefinition = servConfMBean.getServiceDefinition(bsRef)

This is the result of printing serviceDefinition variable:


Surprised? It’s exactly the same definition written in .BusinessService XML files. In fact, the service definition implements XMLObject.

Now it’s time to update the business service definition with our new timeout value (let’s say 5000 milliseconds) using XPath and XMLBeans. We must also take care of defining namespaces in XPath the same way that are defined in .BusinessService XML files.

nsEnv = "declare namespace env='' "
nsSer = "declare namespace ser='' "
nsTran = "declare namespace tran='' "
nsHttp = "declare namespace http='' "
nsIWay = "declare namespace iway='' "
confPath = "ser:endpointConfig/tran:provider-specific/http:outbound-properties/http:timeout"
confValue = "5000"
confElem = serviceDefinition.selectPath(nsSer + nsTran + nsHttp + confPath)[0]

We are almost there. First we update the service.

servConfMBean.updateService(bsRef, serviceDefinition)

Modified mysession shown in sbconsole

And finally, we activate the session (see NOTE) like we would do in bus console.

sessionMBean.activateSession(sessionName, "Comments")

mysession changes shown in sbconsole

Task details of mysession

Updated normalLoanProcessor configuration

With this approach, it could be possible to build a framework that allows to customize ALL fields as needed.

If you get the exception below when activating changes, please update your WebLogic Server configuration as described in Deploy to Oracle Service Bus does not work

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "", line 1, in ?
com.bea.wli.config.deployment.server.ServerLockException: Failed to obtain WLS Edit lock; it is currently held by user weblogic. This indicates that you have either started a WLS change and forgotten to activate it, or another user is performing WLS changes which have yet to be activated. The WLS Edit lock can be released by logging into WLS console and either releasing the lock or activating the pending WLS changes.
        at com.bea.wli.config.deployment.server.ServerDeploymentInitiator.__serverCommit(Unknown Source)
        at com.bea.wli.config.deployment.server.ServerDeploymentInitiator.access$200(Unknown Source)
        at com.bea.wli.config.deployment.server.ServerDeploymentInitiator$ Source)
        at Source)
        at com.bea.wli.config.deployment.server.ServerDeploymentInitiator.serverCommit(Unknown Source)
        at com.bea.wli.config.deployment.server.ServerDeploymentInitiator.execute(Unknown Source)
        at com.bea.wli.config.session.SessionManager.commitSessionUnlocked(
        at com.bea.wli.config.session.SessionManager.commitSession(
        at com.bea.wli.config.session.SessionManager.commitSession(
        at com.bea.wli.config.session.SessionManager.commitSession(

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Creating Sonar Reports from Hudson


In order to guarantee the quality of software development projects, it is important to be able to verify that a continuous integration build meets a minimum set of quality control criteria. The open source project Hudson provides the popular continuous integration server we will use throughout our example. Similarly, Sonar is a lead open source tool providing a centralized platform for storing and managing this type of quality control indicators. By integrating Sonar with Hudson, we’re able to extract and verify quality control metrics stored by Sonar in automated and recurrent manner from Hudson. By verifying these quality metrics we can qualify a given build as valid from a quality perspective, and quickly flag down builds where violations occur. At the same time, it will be very useful to generate summaries of key quality metrics in an automated manner, informing interested parties with a daily email.

Installing Hudson

As a first step, you will need to download and install Hudson from

Installing the Groovy Postbuild Plugin

In order to be able to extend Hudson with custom Groovy-based scripts, we will use the Groovy Postbuild Plugin. To install this plugin, you will have to click on Manage Hudson followed by Manage Plugins, as shown below:

You will then have to select the Available tab at the top, and search for Groovy Postbuild Plugin under the section Other Post-Build Actions.

Sonar Reporting the Groovy Way

Once the Groovy Postbuild Plugin has been successfully installed and Hudson restarted, you can go ahead and download the SonarReports package and extract it to ${HUDSON_HOME}, the home directory of the Hudson server (e.g. the folder .hudson under the user’s home directory on Windows systems). This zip file contains the file SonarReports.groovy under scripts/groovy, which will be created under ${HUDSON_HOME} after expansion.

Hudson Job Configuration

To facilitate reuse of our Hudson configuration for Sonar, we will first create a Sonar Metrics job to be used as a template. We can then create a new job for each project we wish to create Sonar reports for by simply copying this job template.

In the Sonar Metrics job, we first create the necessary parameters that will be used as thresholds and validated by our Groovy script. To this end, we select the checkbox This build is parameterized under the job’s configuration. We then configure the parameters are shown below, where we have provided the corresponding screenshots:

  • projectName: project name that will appear in emails sent from Hudson.
  • sonarProjectId: internal project ID used by Sonar.
  • sonarUrl: URL for the Sonar server.
  • emailRecipients: email addresses for recipients of Sonar metrics summary.
  • rulesComplianceThreshold: minimum percentage of rule compliance for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.
  • blockerThreshold: maximum number of blocker violations for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.
  • criticalThreshold: maximum number of critical violations for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.
  • majorThreshold: maximum number of major violations for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.
  • codeCoverageThreshold: minimum percentage of code coverage for unit tests for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.
  • testSuccessThreshold: minimum percentage of successful unit tests for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.
  • violationsThreshold: maximum number of violations of all type for validating a build. A value of false means this metric will not be enforced.

Finally, we enable the Groovy Postbuild plugin by selecting the corresponding checkbox under the Post-build Actions section of the job configuration page. In the text box, we include the following Groovy code to call into our script:

sonarReportsScript = "${System.getProperty('HUDSON_HOME')}/scripts/groovy/SonarReports.groovy"
shell = new GroovyShell(getBinding())
println "Executing script for Sonar report generation from ${sonarReportsScript}"
shell.evaluate(new File(sonarReportsScript))

Your Hudson configuration page should look like this:

Generating Sonar Reports

In order to automatically generate Sonar reports, we can configure our Hudson job to build periodically (e.g. daily) by selecting this option under Build Triggers. The job will then execute with the specified frequency, using the default quality thresholds we configured in the job’s parameters.

It is also possible to run the job manually to generate reports on demand at any time. In this case, Hudson will ask for the value of the threshold parameters that will be passed in to our Groovy script. These values will override the default values specified in the job’s configuration. Here is an example:

Verifying Quality Control Metrics

When the Hudson job runs, our Groovy script will verify that any thresholds defined in the job’s configuration are met by the project metrics extracted from Sonar. If the thresholds are met, the build will succeed and a summary of the quality control metrics will appear in the Hudson build. In addition, a summary email will be sent to the recipient list emailRecipients, providing interested parties with information regarding the key analyzed metrics.

On the other hand, if the thresholds are not met, the build will be marked as failed and the metric violation described in the Hudson build. Similarly, an email will be sent out informing recipients of the quality control violation.


This article demonstrates how Hudson can be extended with the use of dynamic programming languages like Groovy. In our example, we have created a Hudson job that verifies quality control metrics generated by Sonar and automatically sends quality reports by email. This type of functionality is useful in continuous integration environments, in order to extend the default features provided by Hudson or Sonar to meet custom needs.