Posts from ‘September, 2008’

Google Developer Day Madrid 2008

Yesterday I went to the Google Developer Day in Madrid. I was lucky because some colleagues filled the request form but they were not accepted by Google. A pity because the event was very interesting.  The event took place in the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, which is a popular amusement park.  Some might think that [...]

Developing Custom Hudson Plugins: integrate with your own applications

Hudson is a very good Continuous Integration (CI) tool. Though such tools are not new, it clearly sets a higher standard in terms of quality and extensibility compared to first generation CI tools like Cruise-Control. And it’s open-source. (If you are reading this and you don’t know what Continuous Integration is, read this paper written by Martin Fowler [...]

Automated integration testing with Selenium, Maven and Jetty

Here at The Server Labs we place a high value on automated unit and integration tests and believe that they are fundamental whether you are using an agile methodology or not. We use Maven on the vast majority of our projects and we often use Jetty as a web container in plain Java web projects [...]

Compile-time architecture enforcement revisited: AspectJ, Maven and Eclipse

It has been a while since we first heard about compile-time checks with AspectJ at the Java Server Symposium in 2007. Since then we have been using and experimenting with this feature of AOP and AspectJ, and more recently we have used this technology to implement architecture enforcment rules for some of our clients. In [...]

Nexus 1.0 Maven repository manager released

On August 22 Sonatype, the guys responsible of M2Eclipse, released the version 1.0.0 of their Maven repository Manager, Nexus. If you are using maven as intensively as we do, you know how important is to have a local maven repository manager. It works as a local proxy to all the external repositories your project needs [...]