Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Sorry about the XML

We’ve recently noticed that XML in the blog posts has been displayed incorrectly. Specifically this has happened when the XML element contained a hyphon e.g. . In the recent Flex/Blaze post, the web.xml was rendered like this: <!– Http Flex Session attribute and binding listener support –> <listener> </listener><listener -class>flex.messaging.HttpFlexSession</listener>   <!– MessageBroker Servlet –> [...]

Flex with JMS using BlazeDS, Jetty and ActiveMQ

I recently had to develop a small web-based client that exposed results from a JMS Topic to a user. I’ve used Flex in the past and liked it so I thought I’d develop the client in Flex instead of using a standard Java Webapp. A Flex client cannot talk to a JMS topic or queue [...]

REST web services with JAXB, JAX-RS and Sun Jersey

At the Devoxx conference in December, there were a number of interesting presentations on REST web services and one of the most interesting ones was by Paul Sandoz, one of the lead developers on the Sun Jersey JAX-RS reference implementation. You can find the slides and demos used in the presentation here. Given the interest [...]