Posts from ‘April, 2009’

HTML Select lists in Spring MVC 2.5 with annotations

In this article, I’d like to talk about the use of HTML select lists with Spring MVC since I’ve had to do some development in this area recently and found little documentation available. Select lists are also known as drop-down lists or combo boxes. In this post I will use an example web application developed [...]

Performance Tests with Jmeter, Maven and Hudson

Continuing with the series of blog posts regarding testing, automation and continuous integration, this time I will talk about how to integrate performance tests, in this case using Jmeter, with Maven and the Hudson continuous integration system. Jmeter is one of the main tools we use in our projects to create relevant performance tests, and [...]

TIBCO Designer Add-in for TIBCO Business Studio

Last week I finally had the opportunity to try a new product from TIBCO that I believe that, like me, many developers were asking for. I’m talking about TIBCO Designer Add-in for TIBCO Business Studio 1.0.0. Back in the old days of Integration Manager, we needed two development tools, IM in one hand to define [...]

Java HelloWorld @ the Cloud with Amazon EC2

This post is about how to run a simple java application installed in one of your Amazon AMI’s Thanks to the GridGain guys who inspired me when I read this page about running GridGain in Amazon EC2 I am going to assume that you know how to create an Amazon AMI. For information on how [...]

The Server Labs @ the Cloud Computing Expo Europe 09

We are glad to announce that we are going to publish a paper and give a talk at the Cloud Computing Expo Europe Paper Title: Cloud Science: Astrometric Processing in Amazon EC2/S3 Paper Abstract: With the maturing of cloud computing, it is now feasible to run scientific applications in the cloud. Data storage and high [...]