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Human readable JVM GC timestamps

When we are diagnosing problems in a Java (EE or otherwise) application, is often a good idea to check how garbage collection is performing. One of the basic and most unobtrusive actions is to enable garbage collection logging. As you may know, if we add the following arguments to the java start command… -Xloggc:<file_name> –XX:+PrintGCDetails [...]

Performance Tests with Jmeter, Maven and Hudson

Continuing with the series of blog posts regarding testing, automation and continuous integration, this time I will talk about how to integrate performance tests, in this case using Jmeter, with Maven and the Hudson continuous integration system. Jmeter is one of the main tools we use in our projects to create relevant performance tests, and [...]

JBoss Remoting + JBoss Serialization kills JavaRMI and Spring Remoting

We have found recently this powerful libray provided by JBoss. The performance we have gain in terms of speed is that JBossRemoting + JBossSerlization is 8.72 times faster than JavaRMI + JavaSerialization (JDK 6 update 11) In our real scenario, basically we are sending a list of around 100000 user defined objects from clients to [...]