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Dynamically changing log level with Weblogic, log4j, JMX and WLST

Logging is an uninteresting but nevertheless fundamental part of application development. It is useful not just when you are coding an application but in diagnosing problems of any nature once an application passes into production. Unfortunately, it is not that clear how to do logging well when developing JEE applications that are to be deployed [...]

Configuring Oracle ASM On Amazon EC2

As part of the work we did for running Astrometric Processing on Amazon EC2, we needed to configure an instance of Oracle Enterprise 11g using ASM (Automated Storage Management) The steps in this post are based on the Oracle supplied AMI ami-7ecb2f17 which includes Oracle 11g 11.06 Enterprise Edition 64bit. You can use the EC2 [...]

Continuous Integration with Oracle PL/SQL, utPLSQL and Hudson

PL/SQL is not exactly the coolest technology around these days but many businesses rely on it for their day-to-day operation. The fact that it is relatively old and does not mean that you cannot apply Extreme Programming(XP) practices to PL/SQL development. A few years ago, Steven Feuerstein developed utPLSQL, a unit testing framework for PL/SQL, [...]