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iProcess Server architecture

After my previous quick introduction to TIBCO iProcess Suite, I will take this opportunity to go through the main parts of the core component of iProcess, its Server. Looking in more detail at the iProcess Server’s architecture we can see that its engines are organized into nodes, where a node is formed by 1 or [...]

Quick introduction to TIBCO iProcess components

From observing material available on the internet and in discussions with our customers, it is clear that there is a fair amount of confusion as to which components are available in TIBCO iProcess suite and what they are used for. This article aims to clarify the components included and provides a brief description of each [...]

Database storage in TIBCO EMS 5.0

Earlier this year TIBCO released a new version of their particular implementation of the JMS standard. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 5.0 which, among others, includes some features which I personally consider very interesting. One of them is the possibility to store persistent messages in a database. In previous versions, the only possibility was to use [...]