• The Server Labs ist nun "AWS Advanced Partner"

    Unsere Kunden haben so Zugriff auf AWS Privat Betas, vorgezogenen Einblick in die AWS-Produkt-Roadmap etc...


  • The Server Labs unterstützt den Helix Nebula Marketplace

    Der Helix-Nebula-Market Place bietet einen europäischen Cloud-Services Marktplatz, der aufgrund seiner Zusammenarbeit zwischen kommerziellen Anbietern und öffentlichen e-Infrastrukturen EU-Normen und Gesetze erfüllt. Weiterlesen

  • Nationale Auszeichnung
    für BBVAs neue globale Unternehmenssicherheitsplattform Faro

    BBVAs Unternehmens-Sicherheitsanwendung, entwickelt von einem Konsortium bestehend aus The Server Labs und GMV, wurde während Seguritecnias XXVII Auflage der „International Security Awards“ ... Weiterlesen


  • Gaia startet ins All 

    The Server Labs freuen sich, dass sie zum erfolgreichen Start der Gaia-Mission beitragen konnten. Wir haben bereits seit mehreren Jahren mit ESA (European Space Agency) an verschiedenen IT- Projekten rund um die Gaia -Mission gearbeitet ...


  • The Server Labs is now a G-Cloud supplier

    The Server Labs has been selected as services supplier to the UK Government’s G-Cloud ii CloudStore. Currently The Server Labs offers nine different Cloud services through the CloudStore including ... Click here to read the full article.
  • The Server Labs reviews the IT architecture of BBVA’s “tugestionline” 

    We have carried out a technical audit for BBVA’s online platform “tugestionline” to evaluate its performance, highlight possible areas of improvement and requirements for further scalability of the system, bringing in an external view.

    Click here.
  • The Server Labs boosts the performance of Metro de Madrid’s driver support system

    The Server Labs is leading the improvement of ARCO, Metro de Madrid’s real-time information system for its train drivers, expected to reduce CPU usage.

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  • The Server Labs is taking e-encuesta.com to the Amazon Cloud

    The Server Labs has taken the popular online survey application from a traditional server-based environment to the Cloud. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was the key in the smooth migration.

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  • Big science teams up with big business to kick-start European cloud computing

    Geneva, 1 March 2012. Today a consortium of leading IT providers, including The Server Labs, and three of Europe’s biggest research centres (CERN1, EMBL2 and ESA3) announced a partnership to launch a European cloud computing platform.

    Click here to view the full version of the press release.

  • The Server Labs will reform the architecture of BBVA’s corporate security application

    The Server Labs has been chosen by BBVA to develop a completely revised version of its corporate security application Faro in order to unify and streamline the application throughout all countries in which BBVA operates. Click here.


Press releases

The Server Labs is taking e-encuesta.com to the Amazon Cloud

The Server Labs has taken the popular online survey application from a traditional server-based environment to the Cloud. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was the key in the smooth migration.

Madrid, 16th July, 2012:
The Server Labs has successfully migrated e-encuesta.com, the online survey application of Webtools, provider of online market research and communication tools, from a traditional data processing centre to the Amazon public Cloud. As a result, e-encuesta.com is able to service a practically unlimited number of clients and at the same time give its business an important boost whilst reducing costs substantially. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was a key part in the project, ensuring a fast and smooth migration process.
With a growing business that by its nature has pronounced peak-times, e-encuesta.com was increasingly facing server overloads which were limiting the number of clients that could be served at the same time.

Following the migration to the Cloud, the service is now fully adapted to the clients' needs and resources are elastically aligned with the usage of the product. This is a significant improvement to the previously fixed deployment of the traditional data processing centre. Since much of the business of e-encuesta.com comes from Latin America, the servers would be moderately used during the day whilst at night the level of operations would surge to peaks.

In addition to the improved performance and lower operating cost through the migration to the Cloud, the project also entailed security upgrades and improvements to the administration of application.

"The migration has run extremely smoothly and rapidly since The Server Labs clearly understood how to get the maximum benefit out of the different Amazon Web Services products, thus transforming our business needs into a robust and efficient architecture. At the same time they have been very quick to respond to any of our requests and queries with solutions that exactly fit the need", states Emma Palacios, CEO Webtools.

"We are very pleased with the immediate results of the migration for e-encuesta.com. The almost unlimited scalability supports its business in its continuous growth path whilst bringing down substantially the related costs", says Paul Parsons, CTO The Server Labs. "All together it is giving the online business tremendous flexibility combined with a solid and stable platform."

Click here to view the PDF version of the release.

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