• The Server Labs is now an "AWS Advanced Partner"

    That way our customers can benefit from our access to AWS Private Betas, upfront insight into AWS Product Roadmap etc...

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  • The Server Labs supports the Helix Nebula Marketplace

    The Helix Nebula Marketplace offers a European Cloud Marketplace service that is compliant with EU regulations and legislation through collaboration between commercial providers and public e-Infrastructures.

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  • National award for BBVA’s new global corporate security platform Faro

    BBVA’s corporate security application which has been developed by a consortium formed by The Server Labs and GMV has been awarded as the best installed and operative security system in Spain during Seguritecnia’s XXVII Edition ...

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  • Gaia has been launched into space 

    The Server Labs are very happy to have been able to contribute to the successful launch of the Gaia mission. We have been working with ESA (European Space Agency) already for a number of years on various IT projects around the Gaia mission...


  • The Server Labs is now a G-Cloud supplier 

    The Server Labs has been selected as services supplier to the UK Government’s G-Cloud ii CloudStore. Currently The Server Labs offers nine different Cloud services through the CloudStore including ... Click here to read the full article.
  • The Server Labs reviews the IT architecture of BBVA’s “tugestionline” 

    We have carried out a technical audit for BBVA’s online platform “tugestionline” to evaluate its performance, highlight possible areas of improvement and requirements for further scalability of the system, bringing in an external view.

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  • The Server Labs boosts the performance of Metro de Madrid’s driver support system

    The Server Labs is leading the improvement of ARCO, Metro de Madrid’s real-time information system for its train drivers, expected to reduce CPU usage.

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  • The Server Labs is taking e-encuesta.com to the Amazon Cloud

    The Server Labs has taken the popular online survey application from a traditional server-based environment to the Cloud. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was the key in the smooth migration.

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  • Big science teams up with big business to kick-start European cloud computing

    Geneva, 1 March 2012. Today a consortium of leading IT providers, including The Server Labs, and three of Europe’s biggest research centres (CERN1, EMBL2 and ESA3) announced a partnership to launch a European cloud computing platform.

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  • The Server Labs will reform the architecture of BBVA’s corporate security application

    The Server Labs has been chosen by BBVA to develop a completely revised version of its corporate security application Faro in order to unify and streamline the application throughout all countries in which BBVA operates. Click here.


Architecture Services

sheet-architecturaAs technology extends its reach into every facet of the enterprise, information systems managers recognize the growing importance of a well designed and performing IT architecture to the success and growth of the organization.

Nowadays, when defining the enterprise strategy, and the Enterprise Architecture, it is crucial to have the best understanding of the latest technologies and solutions that can be achieved with IT, to guarantee that the current and future requirements of all business units will be met. When high quality architectures are fully aligned with the business, they will deliver the highest value and maximise the return on the IT investments. Architects become increasingly important, a key change driver for the organisations.
We can define IT architecture as the combination, within an enterprise, of best-of-breed applications, custom solutions, systems management, security management, business process management, and business activity monitoring. As architectures no longer stop at the enterprise boundaries with B2B, new standards and architecture concepts have emerged. In this respect, Web services and Service Oriented architectures (SOA) enable more dynamic, flexible and cost effective B2B. THE SERVER LABS works in architecture projects that span all domains of IT:
THE SERVER LABS are skilled in the latest state of the art technologies, and have many years experience in the design and implementation of large-scale software projects and architectures. Our IT architects have expertise in several technology subjects and can coordinate the business teams with the technical teams to put IT plans in action. THE SERVER LABS will advise your enterprise on the IT strategy, best technologies and solutions to define and/or review your IT architecture.

Our architecture services include:
  • Architecture planning and design, both process and system architectures
  • Architecture assessments
  • Architecture, design and code review.
  • SOA quickstart solution - implementation of our SOA framework
  • Performance analysis and capacity planning
  • High availability design and clustering

We work with innovative technologies such as virtualisation, grid, SCA, RIA, and and offer services of the highest quality. Find out more!