• The Server Labs is now an "AWS Advanced Partner"

    That way our customers can benefit from our access to AWS Private Betas, upfront insight into AWS Product Roadmap etc...

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  • The Server Labs supports the Helix Nebula Marketplace

    The Helix Nebula Marketplace offers a European Cloud Marketplace service that is compliant with EU regulations and legislation through collaboration between commercial providers and public e-Infrastructures.

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  • National award for BBVA’s new global corporate security platform Faro

    BBVA’s corporate security application which has been developed by a consortium formed by The Server Labs and GMV has been awarded as the best installed and operative security system in Spain during Seguritecnia’s XXVII Edition ...

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  • Gaia has been launched into space 

    The Server Labs are very happy to have been able to contribute to the successful launch of the Gaia mission. We have been working with ESA (European Space Agency) already for a number of years on various IT projects around the Gaia mission...


  • The Server Labs is now a G-Cloud supplier 

    The Server Labs has been selected as services supplier to the UK Government’s G-Cloud ii CloudStore. Currently The Server Labs offers nine different Cloud services through the CloudStore including ... Click here to read the full article.
  • The Server Labs reviews the IT architecture of BBVA’s “tugestionline” 

    We have carried out a technical audit for BBVA’s online platform “tugestionline” to evaluate its performance, highlight possible areas of improvement and requirements for further scalability of the system, bringing in an external view.

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  • The Server Labs boosts the performance of Metro de Madrid’s driver support system

    The Server Labs is leading the improvement of ARCO, Metro de Madrid’s real-time information system for its train drivers, expected to reduce CPU usage.

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  • The Server Labs is taking e-encuesta.com to the Amazon Cloud

    The Server Labs has taken the popular online survey application from a traditional server-based environment to the Cloud. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was the key in the smooth migration.

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  • Big science teams up with big business to kick-start European cloud computing

    Geneva, 1 March 2012. Today a consortium of leading IT providers, including The Server Labs, and three of Europe’s biggest research centres (CERN1, EMBL2 and ESA3) announced a partnership to launch a European cloud computing platform.

    Click here to view the full version of the press release.

  • The Server Labs will reform the architecture of BBVA’s corporate security application

    The Server Labs has been chosen by BBVA to develop a completely revised version of its corporate security application Faro in order to unify and streamline the application throughout all countries in which BBVA operates. Click here.


Software Development Solutions

It needs first class tools to develop first class software. Having the right solutions can make all the difference in a competitive environment creating the basis for an efficient development process.


Need help?
Talk to us if you want a helping hand to identify which solutions are vital to your software development project.
We want to give you access to some of the most cutting-edge professional software development tools.

To obtain or renew your license to any of the following solutions - and benefit from the special tarifs we are able to offer due to our partnership with Sonatype and Atlassian - please call or email us.

Sonatype Pro for Nexus sonatypeThe industry leading repository manager that helps companies acquire, manage, and report on software artefacts in their software development projects. It thus reduces build time, supports collaboration and gives safe access to open source artifacts. It integrates directly with the IDE, the build tool, the Maven Central repository, and the provisioning tool.

The solution is directed at anyone that builds applications using shared components.

Sonatype Pro for Hudson The solution is an enhanced, and supported version of Hudson, the popular open source continuous integration server, providing tighter integration with Apache Maven 3 and the Eclipse IDE. The solution provides a superior Apache Maven 3 support, enables a long-term storage of historic data and gives enterprise support based on a Service Level Agreement.

The solution has been created for companies who need a fully supported continuous integration server.

Sonatype Pro Suite An integrated package with an enhanced and fully supported collection suite of the most widely used Java development infrastructure tools. It aims to increase productivity whilst reducing administrative overhead.

The product suite comprises:
  • Sonatype Pro™ for Nexus
  • Sonatype Pro for Hudson
  • Sonatype Support™ for Apache Maven
  • Sonatype Support for m2eclipse
  • Premium Support for the full suite

The solution is directed at Java development groups who use open source tooling, including Nexus, Hudson, Apache Maven and/or Eclipse.

jira rbg blue Atlassian-logoAn issue and project tracking tool for software development, Jira improves code quality and development speed. It combines a clean, fast interface for capturing and organising issues with customisable workflows, OpenSocial dashboards and a pluggable integration framework.

confluence rgb blue  The solution enhances collaboration through sharing and discussing ideas, developments, files etc jointly creating technical docs, intranets, and knowledge bases. It thus helps streamline the development process and maximise limited resouces.

Other development tools from ATLASSIAN

adds agile project management to any JIRA project allowing you to manage your backlog, planning sprints and tracking through the entire release process.Built upon JIRA technology it includes custom workflows & permissions, OpenSocial gadgets and JQL making GreenHopper a truly agile tool that adapts to the development process.

fisheye rgb blue
is a fast source code browser enabling to view changes from any browser. It provides real-time notifications of code changes plus web-based reporting, visualisation, search and code sharing for Subversion, Git, Perforce, ClearCase, CVS, and Mercurial .

crucible blue
is a code review tool. It supplies constant code reviews such as inline commenting, simple workflow, asynchronous reviews, email and RSS notifications, JIRA integration and much more.

bamboo rgb blue
is a solution for continuous Integration and Release Management. It automates the build, test and deployment processes throughout the software development. Bamboo has the ability to instantly scale with automatically managed agents that run on-premises or in the cloud using Amazon EC2. Integrate with your favourite IDE, or the JIRA issue tracker.

is a Java Code Test Manager. It optimizes test runs delivering actionable Java code coverage metrics to assess the impact of your tests.

crowd rgb blue
is a framework for Single Sign On and Identity management covering as many users, web applications and directory servers as needed through a single web interface.

IDE Connectors manage issues, builds, code reviews and source code using Atlassian tools in your favorite IDE.