Big Data Adoption Strategy

Example of a Big Data adoption: ESA

Relocation of the data processing of ESA's Gaia project to the Cloud. The Gaia mission will create a three-dimensional map of unprecedented size and precision of over one billion stars of our Galaxy.

Recent astronomical increases in the rate of data creation have left companies around the world grappling with the same conundrum: how to make what is immense (data), slow and unwieldy into what is small, nimble and usable (information).

There's no doubt that having a coherent big data strategy is becoming a critical commercial imperative for any enterprise. Yet whilst many companies are now recognising the power of big data analytics to deliver sustainable advantage, most are still struggling to manage this data tsunami and really leverage its true potential.

With The Server Labs' Big Data Adoption Strategy services you can:

  • Review and select the appropriate tools from the current technology landscape
  • Plan and design a cost effective and workable big data technology platform and data model
  • Know where big data could currently being adopted and applied in your business
  • Outlook over the next three to five years evolution of your "big data" initiative