Big Data & HPC

Every enterprise, regardless of size, needs information to grow its business in increasingly competitive marketplaces. With the dramatic rise in volume, complexity and diversity of data, traditional applications and methods are stretched to their limits and need a different approach: Big Data.

The Server Labs has years of experience in both traditional and cloud-based HPC and Big Data. We have successfully completed Big Data projects with organisations such as ESA, CNIO, Eumetsat and we are currently working with CERN and EMBL within the pan-European Helix Nebula initiative.

High-performance computing (HPC) has traditionally used supercomputers, computer grids and more recently, utility or cloud computing to solve advanced computational problems. Now HPC provides the base infrastructure for Big Data initiatives, and not only for science organisation, but across all industry sectors.


The Server Labs Big Data & HPC Services

The Server Labs have a wealth of experience in Big Data projects. Our services include

Big Data Assessment & Adoption Strategy

  • Data & Model Assessment
  • System & Infrastructure Assessment
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Big Data Adoption Strategy

Big Data Implementation

  • Big Data Infrastructure configuration and deployment
  • Data Modelling Services
  • Data Migration, Transformation & Upload Services
  • Hadoop Jump Start

Big Data systems Management

  • Big Data system & Application Management and Support
  • Big Data Cost and Use Management
  • Big Data Reselling Services
  • On Demand Big Data
  • Big Data Infrastructure Reselling.

Big Data Training & Mentoring

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Examples of Big Data projects:

ESA: Relocating the data processing of ESA's Gaia project to the Cloud.
The Gaia mission will create a three-dimensional map of unprecedented size and precision of over one billion stars of our Galaxy.

CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre): Moving CNIO's in-house bioinformatics data processing to the Cloud.
CNIO's vast and ever increasing volume of genomic data had become a bottle-neck for its research projects.

Helix Nebula (Consortium of leading IT providers and large European research centres developing a European cloud computing platform for Big Data in Science and beyond): The Flagships currently being deployed include CERN, EMBL and ESA. As part of the core architecture team The Server Labs brings in its experience in the development of complex Cloud architectures and Cloud-based processing.

Eumetsat: Feasibility study to drive Eumetsat's Meteosat Third Generation programme in order to shape the design of the MTG supporting ground segment architectures.