Big Data Solutions

The Server Labs Big Data in the Cloud (on demand) Platform: Customised and adapted for your business this comprehensive and easy to use Platform is based on Hadoop and is available as a pay-as-you-go model in the Cloud.
This gives you the advantages of Big Data Technology at an affordable cost and without on-premise infrastructure and management costs.

Hadoop JumpStart: Our Hadoop JumpStart solution gets you up and running with Hadoop in a matter of weeks. We offer our experience in Big Data and HPC to start your big data initiative, using Hadoop as its core - potentially saving you months in the launch of your project.

AWS Elastic Map Reduce & Google Big Query Managed Services: If you don't need a customised solution we can offer you the standard Big Data tools provided by these Cloud vendors. We provide the whole integrated set of tools without the management overhead so you won't have to deal with provision, management, backup and support.<

Oracle Endeca in the Cloud (on demand): Oracle Endeca enables your company to deliver a personalised, consistent customer experience and analytics across all channels – online, in-store, mobile, or social. Whenever and wherever customers engage with your business, Oracle Endeca delivers, analyses, and targets just the right content to just the right customer to encourage clicks and drive business results. With Oracle endeca in the cloud, The Server Labs provides all Endeca benefits in a fast and affordable "on demand solution" leveraging the pros of the platform without the cons of large infrastructure implementation costs.