Cloud Fast Track

Benefits of Cloud Fast Track:

  • Instant access to your environment in the cloud in a matter of minutes vs. days or more time needed when developing your own environment
  • Variable cost which only incurs when using it.
  • Secure data because environments are fully secured and constantly examined to ensure that sensitive data is safe.
  • Robust structure protecting from potential hardware failures

We have designed this solution with busy IT departments in mind. Cloud Fast Track solution gives you access to personalised, customised and fully functioning environments in the Cloud in only minutes.

You do not need to have expert knowledge since the solution provides it for you.

With its catalogue of pre-packaged environments Cloud Fast Track is the easiest and safest way to access the Cloud.

We have developed this solution based on our best practices and with the best available commercial and open source tools which is making it apt for the deployment of even the most complex architectures and applications.

Features include

  • Self-service: Simple form based application to select deployments fromour catalogue.
  • Prepackaged Standard Deployments out of the box: Our standard off the shelf deployments such as multi-tier LAMP environments with a DMZ you will will give you instant access to the Cloud.
  • Standardized System Design and Assembly: The deployments follow best practices in the areas of security, redundancy and scalability.
  • Network, security and storage
  • Backups: Persistent data is backed up automatically and securely within Amazon’s data centre.
  • Zero up front costs: Pay for what you use.
  • Easy Payment: All you need is a credit card.

Find out more about the solution’s processes, contents and package in our downloadable sales sheet.

ss_fast_track Cloud Fast Track provides personalised, customised and fully functioning environments available in an instant