Cloud Lösungen

Moving an existing application to the Cloud without downtime needs expert skill and experience. Cloud computing is composed of different kinds of services deployment, that enable users to access their business systems over the Internet.

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Benefits of Cloud Fast Track:
  • Instant access to your environment in the cloud in a matter of minutes vs. days or more time needed when developing your own environment
  • Variable cost which only incurs when using it.
  • Secure data because environments are fully secured and constantly examined to ensure that sensitive data is safe.
  • Robust structure protecting from potential hardware failures

We have designed this solution with busy IT departments in mind. Cloud Fast Track solution gives you access to personalised, customised and fully functioning environments in the Cloud in only minutes.

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Proven value

Multiple industries: The Enterprise Development Platform has already been applied successfully in many industries including banking, travel, aerospace, transportation and the public sector.

Cost savings: Due to its immense flexibility, running the The Server Labs Enterprise Development Platform in the Cloud achieves substantial cost savings.

Example: during one working week payable server usage in the Cloud would be around 40 hours, compared to the allocated cost of 168 hours when owning the infrastructure.

Now more than ever corporate software development projects have to fit within companies’ budget and productivity goals. Founded on its complete automation and optimisation, strict quality control and flexibility.

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