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The Server Labs has been selected as services supplier to the UK Government's G-Cloud ii CloudStore. G-Cloud ii is an expansion of the G-Cloud service which debuted in 2012.

Madrid, 10th January, 2013: The Server Labs is now a services supplier of the UK Government's new Cloud service framework, G-Cloud ii. Services are made available through the government CloudStore.
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The Server Labs has completed a technical analysis of BBVA's new online service tugestionline. The audit, which was bringing in an external perspective, identified areas of improvement of the web-based platform, thus helping to tangibly enhance its performance and user experience.

Madrid, 30th November, 2012: The Server Labs has carried out a technical audit for BBVA's online platform "tugestionline" to evaluate its performance, highlight possible areas of improvement and requirements for further scalability of the system, bringing in an external view. BBVA's new web-based service provides SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs with help and advice in accounting, tax and HR matters 24/7.
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The Server Labs has taken the popular online survey application from a traditional server-based environment to the Cloud. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was the key in the smooth migration.

Madrid, 16th July, 2012:
The Server Labs has successfully migrated, the online survey application of Webtools, provider of online market research and communication tools, from a traditional data processing centre to the Amazon public Cloud. As a result, is able to service a practically unlimited number of clients and at the same time give its business an important boost whilst reducing costs substantially. The Server Labs Rapid Cloud Transition was a key part in the project, ensuring a fast and smooth migration process.
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The Server Labs is leading the improvement of ARCO, Metro de Madrid’s real-time information system for its train drivers. The assignment – which forms part of a 3-year project – is expected to reduce CPU usage.

Madrid, 27th April, 2012: Metro de Madrid has chosen The Server Labs to improve its real-time drivers’ support system ARCO with the aim to increase performance and improve reliability. Mehr erfahren
Geneva, 1 March 2012. Today a consortium of leading IT providers, including The Server Labs, and three of Europe’s biggest research centres (CERN1, EMBL2 and ESA3) announced a partnership to launch a European cloud computing platform. "Helix Nebula - the Science Cloud", will support the massive IT requirements of European scientists, and become available to governmental organisations and industry after an initial pilot phase.

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The Server Labs has been chosen by BBVA to develop a completely revised version of its corporate security application Faro in order to unify and streamline the application throughout all countries in which BBVA operates. The new security application, which will cover corporate security management tasks, will be rolled out in four stages.

1st February, 2012: The Server Labs (TSL) has been tasked to design a new flexible, efficient and scalable high quality solution for its security application Faro. The application supports the management of the security functions of the BBVA group ....

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The Server Labs has implemented BBVA’s pilot development architecture based on The Server Labs Enterprise Development Platform (Cloud version). Beyond the obvious benefits of enhanced quality and productivity the new continuous integration and quality environment - running in the Cloud - will create a base for harmonised and standardised architectures for all of BBVA’s development projects.

23rd November, 2011: The Server Labs has designed, configured and implemented BBVA’s pilot project for a continuous integration and quality environment.
The resulting development platform will not only control quality and improve productivity but is also going to be instrumental enabling homogenized and standardised developments for all of BBVA’s development projects, and as such providing a corporate reference architecture.

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The Server Labs has extended its Enterprise Development Platform, a corporate solution for software development and quality control. Having already been employed successfully by numerous companies running on their very own infrastructures, the platform can now run in the public Cloud. Based on its automation and flexibility, it will greatly increase the productivity of software development projects, at a fraction of the cost and with a faster setup.

3rd March, 2011: The Server Labs (TSL) has released a new version of its fully optimised and automated development and quality control platform (Enterprise Development Platform) that combines best-of-breed tools, frameworks and proven methodologies running in the public Cloud.

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