Software Development Lifecycle Improvement

For an application's long-term success, a good software development process (SDLC) is just as important as a solid system architecture. If your organization is in need to improve product quality, reduce costs or accelerate delivery, the development process improvement service will help you define your existing process and introduce changes to boost productivity.

Benefits to your business

  • Enable parallel development: Master source code branching along with a defined management process
  • Control builds: Create an automated build process that pulls code from a repository and compiles on a dedicated build machine.
  • Ease software deployment: Deploy the proper artefacts to different types of servers in an automated way.
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Agility to introduce business requirements throughout the development process
  • Cost reduction

Key features

  • Determine the capability of existing software processes
  • Define areas and priorities for improvement
  • Training the development team in the new process
  • Reduction of product defects
  • Increase of product quality