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Within the Science Operations Department’s overall responsibility for scientific operations development and execution for astronomy missions, the Science Archives and Computer Engineering Unit carries in particular the role of developing science archives, providing easy access to mission data for the scientific community worldwide. A Science Archives Team in ESAC works on various archive projects (ISO, XMM-Newton, Integral, Herschel, Planck, Rosetta, Mars Express (MEX), Smart-1, Venus Express (VEX), Soho and more to come). All mission archives are on-line via the World Wide Web, with data distribution usually being done via FTP. Modular and flexible multi-tier and client–server architecture together with the use of an object-oriented approach, Java and XML allows configurability and re-use of systems across projects.

Furthermore, ESA, through the ESAC Science Archives Team is playing a greater role in the Virtual Observatory (VO) worldwide to position itself as the main VO actor for all European space-based astronomical data. A VO is a network of interoperating data archives and software tools that use the connectivity provided by the Internet (and in future the GRID) to form a scientific research environment in which astronomical research programs can be conducted. The vast astronomical archives and databases around the world, together with analysis tools and computational services, are linked together into an integrated facility, not only connecting astronomical data centres and providers but also providing collective capabilities beyond those possible in any individual archive.

TasksSpecific tasks related to Science Archives and VO databases are the following:
  • Database design and modelling taking into account the user requirements
  • Database installation, population, monitoring and maintenance
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain database interfaces for the rest of the archives and VO systems
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain applications related to the database information (user administration tools, statistics tools, etc…)
  • Configuration control and documentation tasks relevant to the above mentioned tasks.

Specific tasks related to Science Archives and VO user interfaces and middle-tier applications are the following:
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain the Science Archive and VO graphical user interfaces which allow the users to make queries to the database, see the results, select products and request them
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain the Science Archive and VO middle- tier applications which provide transparent access for applications (User Interface, Statistics Tool, Archive Inter-Operability systems, and others) to the database and to the data products repository
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain some Science Archive Data Products Visualization tools, which allow to display images and spectra and to perform some simple manipulations (zooming, selection, some extraction,…).Configuration control and documentation tasks relevant to the above mentioned tasks.

Specific qualification requirementsAll applicants must hold a valid passport from a country of the European Union.
University degree or equivalent in computer science or related fields

Specific knowledge is required in the following areas:
  • Minimum of 4 years programming experience in Java within a professional environment
  • ESA Ground Segment and Scientific Archives Software engineering
  • Experience in designing multi-tier architecture application in the context of Scientific Archives and Virtual Observatory
  • Experience in Web technologies (http, JSP, web services, …)
  • Experience in SQL and XML
  • Experience in Graphical User Interfaces applicationExperience in Data Distribution applications through web services
  • Experience in the Virtual Observatory standards and protocols, working groups, working processes and environment would be an asset
  • UNIX SUN Solaris or Linux, and PC/Windows environmentExperience on ESA software engineering processes and software configuration control tools and some scientific background would be an asset.

The selected contractors must be willing operate in a team environment. Good interpersonal and communication skills are an advantage. The contractor should be comfortable in an international working environment and be fluent in English, one of the official languages of ESA.

LocationThe work will be performed at the ESAC, the European Space Astronomy Centre, at Villafranca del Castillo, near Madrid, Spain.

  • Very competitive package including private health insurance and other benefits.
  • You will be registered for both social security and tax in Spain.
  • The standard working hours are 40 per week.
  • 25 days of holidays in addition to many public holidays.Training to improve efficiency and provide strength for future career are of course included.

To be considered for this PositionProvide prior to 28 June 2011 a summary of why you are a good candidate for the position together with a complete and detailed form you can download from the following link: Recruitment Form and send it to resume@theserverlabs.com quoting reference RT-SRE-133.

The Server Labs will agree conditional employment terms and conditions with candidates before presenting their recruitment form to ESA by 5 July 2011. ESA will select the candidates for interview and The Server Labs will provide for interview travel costs. Should ESA select you then a formal letter of employment shall be issued with an agreed start date.

Company Information The Server Labs (TSL) is a specialist IT consultancy and development company and a leading authority in Cloud Computing services. Founded in 2004, The Server Labs focuses on the design and implementation of IT architectures and advanced software engineering projects, working with the most advanced solutions and technologies and offering its clients cost-effective, scalable and high performance solutions.

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The Server Labs works with different industries and business verticals. Within the Space industry, The Server Labs works with the European Space Agency (ESA), at ESAC, near Madrid, and at ESOC, in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt. We provide specialists to ESA, but also our company expertise and services in technologies and methodologies to offer additional value to the projects and initiatives led by ESA.

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