IT Architecture

Systems and applications don’t stand still nor does the IT infrastructure supporting them. It is necessary to regularly check whether the IT components meet requirements and what alternatives might exist.
It is oriented towards both, companies which must comply with laws and regulations and those who want to analyse and ensure the validity of system architectures, software or applications, in order to ensure long term scalability, security or performance. Find out more

Investing time in your system design will provide you with a clear idea about its principal aim and how to reach it. Find out more

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural model that provides a methodology and a working framework to connect multiple applications based on services. Companies which are dealing with inflexible point-to-point connected applications requiring extensive re-coding, testing and deploying should move to SOA to allow better speed, agility and flexibility.

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Our project managers will go the extra mile coordinating the working process to implement your ideas and get on board from the early stages of project analysis and estimation. Establishing a clear communication from the very beginning and regularly revisiting expectations and objectives as necessary, are key to meet project goals, as they not only understand every technical detail, but also plan, monitor and manage in a hands-on manner to lead the project to success. Find out more

Given the dynamic nature of systems and their constantly-evolving threats, regularly-performed computer security assessments are prudent. A compromise of your system could have a significant impact for your organization. Find out more