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After the remarkable results of an initial feasibility study, The Server Labs (TSL) and ESA are now launching a 20 times larger follow-up project to further expand on the positive outcome of the first study. Starting with its Gaia project the European Space Agency (ESA) is considering relocating its data processing for future projects and test environments to The Cloud. Moving part of Gaia’s data processing to The Cloud has the potential to provide ESA with savings of up to 50% translating into hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Madrid, Spain, 14, September, 2009: The Server Labs (TSL), European IT company and leader in Cloud Computing architecture services, announced today that it has started a new project with the European Space Agency (ESA), an in-depth investigation of the practicalities of moving the Gaia project’s Astrometric Data Processing to the Amazon EC2 (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Environment. The ambitious Gaia project aims to create a three-dimensional map of unprecedented size and precision charting the composition, formation and evolution of over one billion stars (around 1% of our Galaxy).

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