Products & Solutions

The SOA Quick Start framework is a productivity and control tool which guarantees a rapid and efficient launch of any project based on service oriented architecture, enforcing the best practices of architecture and development. It allows the utilization of a domain specific language (DSL) that can be understood by both functional and technical teams.

Benefits to your business

The result of using the framework is a robust, standard, reusable and high quality solution. The framework facilitates the definition of business services and the generation of a project skeleton to keep high quality standards and reduce costs for the organization, standardizing the implementation using common data models, architecture design patterns and best practices.

Key features

  • Quick connection of systems from different business domains
  • Standardization of different systems invocations based on SOA principles
  • Building of reusable components with generic features
  • Support for different ESB platforms, allowing building projects in an agile way.