UKCloud provides an assured, sovereign cloud platform specifically dedicated to the UK Public Sector, offering customers the security and cost savings of using a hyperscale public cloud.

This ultimately benefits the UK taxpayer, citizens and businesses by enabling Public Sector organisations to deliver better services through technology.

Here's how:

  • We're focused on cloud. Delivering a true cloud platform that is massively scalable, flexible, assured and cost-effective – and customers only pay for what they use.
  • We're open. You are never locked in. Using industry standards and open source software our platform gives customers the flexibility and choice to transition and transform their applications and deploy across multiple cloud solutions.
  • Dedicated to the UK Public Sector. Our business is designed specifically to serve and understand the needs of public sector organisations, and is UK sovereign, with UK cleared staff and we pay UK taxes.
  • We develop communities. We bring together communities of users that are able to share datasets, reuse code, test ideas and solve problems that enhance services and benefit the UK citizen.
  • Customer engagement. We will only be successful if our customers are successful. We embody this in the promise: Easy to adopt. Easy to use. Easy to leave.

Supporting both cloud native and enterprise applications – based on VMware, OpenStack and Oracle stacks – the platform is used extensively to host both citizen web applications, and internal facing applications only available through secure government networks.

Our industry-leading platform is built on the unique and cutting-edge technologies of the UKCloud Cloud Alliance — QinetiQ, VMware, Cisco, EMC and Ark Data Centres.

Additional information about UKCloud can be found at