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FinOps and Sustainability

Why FinOps: Loss of financial control, through procurement on demand Cloud infrastructure and software is costed differently than for on-premises data centres. It’s a world of OpEx instead of CapEx. DevOps and the cloud have broken the traditional procurement model, which is static and slow moving. Engineers are consuming IT budgets with few constraints and controls. As a result, engineers make financial commitments affecting their companies’ bottom line while budget owners struggle to keep up with the pace and granularity of spend.

Sustainability Services

The Server Labs focuses on these components & activities as a part of our service; many of these activities are common to the cost optimisation service (FinOps), as most of the time, amore cost effective model for the architecture and instance allocation will also result in a more sustainable model. These activities can be delivered in a one of project, or as a process throughout the lifecycle of the delivery in your organisation:

  • Carbon Footprint Assessment
  • Green Cloud Strategy
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FinOps Implementation Service

TSL provides a FinOps implementation service to identify changes in systems, practices and culture that can save considerable OpEx budget and restore financial control:

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Example Finops Projects

The following FinOps techniques we have implemented that can be easily utilised for Sustainability purposes are:

  • Moving to the latest instance types, storage types and reducing cluster sizes with more sustainable footprints.
  • Deduplication of data.
  • Using Graviton processors to provide additional cost and energy savings.
  • Moving to Aurora Serverless in lower level environments for immediate savings both in costs and energy.
  • Automating the Stop/Start of workloads in non-production environments reducing costs and energy impact by up to 60%.
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The Server Labs provided invaluable support to define and execute a smooth transition to AWS for many of GEL’s services. They take genuine responsibility for successful delivery and are a pleasure to work with.

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Chief Information Officer at Genomics England

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