Cloud Security

BBVA needed to develop a new secure cloud model able to keep confidential data safe whilst providing a highly productive platform based on Openstack and SDN for the development of internal applications. The new private cloud environment uses continuous delivery with automated security mechanisms.

In addition to substantially reducing the risk of security breaches based on web services the automation of the most important security operations tasks are now based on SDN solutions allowing a reduction of development time by over 20-30%.

How we helped

  • Design of the project architecture and definition of the security platform and API services
  • Deployment of the security platform and all operational processes
  • Development of security policies
  • Defining Best Practices for security


  • Automation of the most important security tasks based on SDN solutions
  • Security policy is already applied by default decreasing develop time by over 20-30%
  • Quick response time when facing changes in the integration processes
  • Reducing the risk of security incidents based on web services