Implementation of the Enterprise Development Platform

BNP Paribas’ department for Risk Systems Development undertook a strategic change programme merging the technical architecture of a number of its key applications to streamline and unify the services they provide internally. In order to consolidate tools and best practices we customised and implemented our own Enterprise Development Platform which covers the entire application lifecycle from development to ops with its integrated framework.

The implementation of the integrated platform enabled a substantial productivity increase based on a fully controlled, standardised development environment

How we helped

  • Integration and customization /Implementation of The Server Labs development and quality control platform for BNP Paribas Risk Systems
  • Consolidation of languages and tools
  • Controlling and assuring the quality and standardization of development practices.
  • Automation of quality and reporting processes.
  • Automation of projects office.


  • Fully integrated and controlled development environment
  • Increased project productivity and quality